O'Shea Coin Rings

O'Shea Coin Rings are a modern day trench art revival style. They are hand-made artisan jewelry made from authentic world coins.
These rings are quality made. And crafted over a period of days using traditional methods much the same as it was done durring the turn of the century. It was common among the men shipped overseas during both world wars, to create rings and trinkets from the circulating gold, silver and bronze coins to send home to loved ones or to commemorate an event. I have always found them fascinating and for years have practiced making coin rings as a hobby. 

Inside Band of Newfoundland 50¢
Inside Band of Newfoundland 50¢

Theses rings are not cut or soldered and are completely solid. There is no machining or casting used to create these coin rings. Each ring is authentic, each ring is unique. Using the tradtional methods it allows me to pay great attention to detail, thus ensuring high quality in each piece I make. The draw back is it takes me a bit longer to make these rings. 

   They make great heritage/ancestory, birth year, engagement/wedding to any kind of commemorative ring. They are real pieces of history you can put around your finger and wear forever.


You can feel free to write me if you would like to know how to make coin rings, have one made or share in pieces you've made. Please keep in mind I do not have access to the internet most of the time. But I will respond as soon as possible.